Uncovering Why Someone Should Hire You

July 8, 2014

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There are a series of questions that we must ask ourselves to uncover why someone should hire us.

1. What is it that I do?

Each Agent’s answer will be slightly different. You must know what you do and be able to articulate that in a compelling way to your prospects and customers in order to create clients.

2. What am I good at?

What are the skills and services that you provide that are top notch? What are the specific things you do better than others? I used to emphasis sales skills and the value of them to my clients. It was something that I possessed in terms of skills that few others possessed at any level.

3. What skills and services make me unique?

What are the skills, services, strategies, tactics, and philosophies of the marketplace, your business, and working with clients that make you stand out? We are trying to be unique in an industry of over 1.4 million individual competitors nationwide.

4. Why should anybody care what I have to say?

What does the prospect, customer, or client receive from you, and why is it important to them? Does your expert status exceed most in the marketplace?

5. With the changes that are occurring in consumer demands in the real estate industry, what will make people think I am the best at what I do five to ten years from now?

A Champion Agent builds their business and strategy for the long run. They work to create competitive advantages that they can develop into a decisive advantage for many years. That doesn’t mean adjustments in strategy and tactics don’t occur. It means that these adjustments are fine-tuning rather than wholesale changes.

It also means their core values and core purpose for their business are adhered to. Those bedrock beliefs don’t change due to seasonality or market conditions. A Champion Agent is able to show specific value that is tangible

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