August 12, 2016

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The two Cs of objection handling

1. Communication

When we look at our ability to communicate at the Champion Agent level, we need to evaluate our verbal, vocal, and visual communication skills. The vocal and visual are the most powerful when dealing with objections.

Verbal: These are the actual words and phrases you use to communicate to people. The words really don’t convey the complete story, since they account for only 7% of communication. However, it is hard to think about how best to use the vocal and visual to improve your communication and conversion if you are stuck focusing on the words. It is priceless to have mastered the words for the approximately forty major objections.

Vocal: This is the tone and pace of your delivery. This carries more weight than the words. We experience 38% of our communication using the vocal medium.

Visual: This is what people see when you speak. It’s the powerful, subtle yes head nods, confident posture, and eye-to-eye contact. This form of communication accounts for 55%. Your body language conveys how you perceive yourself and the value of your service. If you visually demonstrate that you are the best, the prospect and clients will have more faith in your claim. They can see right through practiced responses that are inconsistent with the body language. The salesperson who exudes confidence and excitement will generate the same feeling in their prospects and clients.

2. Confidence

When your confidence goes up, your competence goes up, as well. When you communicate your confidence, and the prospect feels that you are prepared to handle the objections that you might encounter, this will reduce the amount of objections they express to you, and they will sign more quickly. This confidence must come out from the initial contact with the prospect. My question is what do you need to improve on to dramatically raise your confidence? What skills do you need to practice? What mental attitude do you need to change? Is there knowledge that needs to be acquired?

Preparation is essential for Champion Objection Handlers. Learn who they are, so you can anticipate their needs and questions. Prepare the proper questions; prepare to listen, as well, and you can better direct the presentation to answer their objections before they come up.

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