February 5, 2016

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One of the greatest challenges of life is to stay on course, or on focus, to our goals. We are presented with so many options and opportunities, that having a clearly defined, definite purpose is a monumental challenge. We are exposed to temptation, distraction, and confusion constantly in our daily life. We often pursue unrelated, even incongruent, goals in a vain attempt to achieve higher levels of satisfaction in our lives. We can even achieve a high level of success and still feel empty inside. For most people, the root of the challenge is that we are trying to solve an inward problem with an outward solution. We are working on the outside rather than the inside. We work on the external level first, before we begin work on the internal level. I think the reason we gravitate to the external first is because it’s easier to see. As an example, we can see our physical body needs to be changed. We might want to lose a few pounds. Our chest may have fallen into our drawers. Our bank account is not where we want it, so we work externally to change it. These are all external results of an internal problem. We see the exterior without getting at the root of the problem.

The external is not only easier to see, but it’s also easier to do. In changing our physical body, we can see measurable results in around 30 days. In our bank accounts, we can often see that in the same 30 days.   We can connect the cause/effect relationship easier in the external arena.

When tackling an inward challenge, it can take much longer than 30 days. We can also be faced with identifying what the problem or challenge is in the first place. The real truth is most problems are inward and not outward. Most problems need an inward focus to change the outward long-term gain. To make lasting changes in your health, physical appearance, wealth, or relationships, the work has to start inward and move outward. The fulfillment of life will continue to escape us if we focus on the outward before the inward.

When setting the agenda inward to achieve greater success, we must adhere to a vital principle of success:

Less Is More


For most of us, including myself at times, we are pushing too many things. We have too many objectives with tight time frames. We are trying to do too much in the time we allot. We have twenty activities, or responsibilities, that we need to execute with excellence. We are over worked, under funded, and minimally rested. This leads to stress, burnout, fatigue, and frustration. We lack the focus necessary to execute the whole agenda we have laid out for ourselves. We are trying to balance too many strategic thrusts at once. We are trying to carry the whole agenda on our backs. We are chasing too many goals that don’t align. The old axiom is true; if you chase two rabbits, both will escape.

In the next week, review your goals, and then review what you are responsible for to achieve those goals. Then cut 25% from both categories. We need to simplify to the most important objectives or goals. Then remove the activities that don’t contribute to those goals and objectives directly. Successful people understand that less is more. We can’t pursue too many objectives in a short time frame.

We can also pursue the wrong goals to try to reach our desired outcome. When we have a large desired outcome, with interim goals leading to the outcome, we often miss the mark due to two areas:

1. The first area is having the right interim goals. The interim goals are the right steps that we must take to achieve our objective. Investing the time in creating the right steps on the right plan is essential to our success.

2. The second is what I would call the right order. It’s not enough to have the right plan or steps. They must be executed in the right order. When a recipe is used in the kitchen, you have the right plan to follow to achieve the objective of a wonderful meal. The recipe has little value if the steps are done out of order or sequence. The changing of the steps could change the taste of the meal substantially. That’s why the plan and the order both must be adhered to.


If we fail to focus on the inner work and identify our goals, we will spend time working toward something of limited value. We will enter a pattern of frustration and despair because we haven’t identified what we really want. We haven’t removed 25% off our overloaded schedule. We haven’t simplified, so less is indeed more. We all need to respond to the over committed, over scheduled, over expectation world we live in. Champion Performers are willing to let go of doing everything, while remaining on the most vital activities that power them to their goals and objectives.

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